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Who We Are

Aroma industrial plc,is one of a legally registered and licensed coffee exporter from the Ethiopian that has been founded by two young and energetic brothers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia march, 2021


Our mission is to be a world class and trust worthy Ethiopian coffee beans exporters to the world market.we are committed enough to provide a wide range of specialty coffee based on quality, sustainability,tracability and above all we encourage a vertical integration with farmers to increase coffee production in quality,productivity and consumption.


Our vision is to be one of the leading international coffee exporters from Ethiopia to the world coffee market and keep our channel consistently to make sure that we have reached our customer satisfaction on our coffee request.


We do assure to provide organic coffee directly from the farmers that we link them up through our market, we believe social impact has to be seen on our company and famers need to be beneficial from their product.

Yirgalem Gizachew
Co-founder and General Manager,
a graduate of bachelor degree in Management from Bahirdar university and had more than 8 years of experience in the hospitality industry and tourism sector . Mr.Yirgalem have also 1 year exchange program in Indonesia at the university of Negeri Yogyakarta to study Indonesian culture,tourism and language to represent from top 5 candidates from Ethiopia.currently enagaing himself in real estate and coffee exporting business.

Mengistu Gizachew
Co-founder and Deupty General manager,
a graduate of law from college and he has joined in different business sector in a very young age , such as construction, manfactuering secotr he is a co-founder of Abema industrials plc, which has a sock factory based in bahirdar,he is also a founder and General Manager of Donga industrial plc which has more than 3 years of experience on exporting soya beans, mung beans and many types on pulse product to china,india and many other countries.
About Us

We Offer Different Types of Coffee Beans

Ethiopian coffee is rightly known as highland coffee by consumers. The diversified types of Coffee arabica in the country. We offer the most known Coffee beans in Ethiopia.

Coffee Quality Grading

The product of our organization washed and sun-dried coffee is processed with quality.

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Types of Coffee Beans

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Countries Served

What We Do

Widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is highly respected in the specialty coffee industry. Beans from this nation are a staple on coffee shop menus around the world.


Export high quality green beans coffee to the world


Production of different kinds of coffee on our own farm


Processing the green beans coffee for export standard

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